In the current digital revolution, no organization can afford not to investigate new digital solutions. This would leave it behind the competition.

However, this is neither obvious or simple; mainly when we see bigger organization pushing back the paradigm changes, process changes and their owners, proposals to change offerings and therefore the business model.

We can help you in the following areas

  • Creativity workshops and digital culture.

  • Concept-to-reality workshops for new products or digital tools.

  • Accompaniment in the maturity cycle of new concepts.

  • Forums and corporate social networks for new digital ideas.

  • Execution of Proof of Concept.

  • Technical Designs and Models

  • Execution of lean-start up methods to validate business feasibility

  • Forums and corporate social networks for new digital ideas

  • Support creatives in concept-testing

  • Support Technical Designs and Models

  • Integration in Digital Ventures to launch digital business

Service Models

Digital Labs focus collaboration using high impact techniques with validated success.

  • Agile Development

  • Lean Enterprise

  • Customer Development


Our approach is to join the start-up organization facilitating autonomous growth

  • Initial Assessment

  • Recommendations and design accompaniment plan

  • Accompaniment in launching the start-up

  • Accompaniment during consolidation of the new organization

Digitaltakers. Thoughtful digital disruption

You need to learn how to approach digital challenges in the current business environment with adjusted investments, quick results expectations and flexibility in scope, timing and integration.