Digital Ventures is the Digitaltakers division that works on the best return on digital investments of our affiliates. We commit to work on digital initiatives that line up with our digital reference model.

We are not a start-up accelerator.

We commit with complementary digital ideas that may drive to different partnership models.

Partnership Models

Partnership Models

  • Digital advisory and funding: Accompaniment to new organizations in the definition and implementation of their digital plan and support funding search to ensure growth.

  • Digital Engineering & Solutions & Teams: Offer the start-up the best digital team with validated ideas to ensure the technical success.

  • Eventually participate in the company as partner.


  • Start-up digital status assessment.

  • Accompaniment and coaching digital governance to the management team.

  • Support and advice reorganizations, internal processes, technology suppliers relationship management.

  • Support to technical teams in the definition of digital architecture.

  • Support in the creation and operation of a project office.

Service Model

End to end coverage of all the success factors of your digital initiatives

Governance and Management Model

Skillset covered in the PMO management: Scope Management, Communication and Escalation management, Value Management, Talent Management, Monitoring and Support to unplanned events, Risk Management, Monitor performance metrics for Decision Take Management, Quality Management, support to Finance Governance, Partners and Suppliers Management, Plan Follow-up.

Staff Capability Assessment

Provide status of current technical capabilities and groups structure; Multi-layer leadership and production capacity management, distributed or mixed modelling.

Organization Model Assessment

Assess management structures, frequency, attendees, calendar; roles & responsibilities of the management team, development methodologies, etc.

Review the Digital Architecture

Corporate Information Model Analysis (Flow-Charts, Classes and Components Inventory, Mapping of participants vs. organization model), Applications Architecture (Portfolio Management, Functional and Organic coverage, etc.), Applied Technologies (Front, Middle and Backend solutions), Infrastructure, Support, Security.

Review the Operations Model

Review the quality control plans, move to production, applications management, High-availability support, User Support, Production Operations Monitoring, Business Continuity Management, Maturity Standards (CMM, ITIL, ISO, …).